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if Calsberg did bothy trips…

When I started this blog, I had half a mind to call it bothies on a budget. But I’m glad I didn’t venture to far down that particular avenue, as it would be hard to tie in last weekend’s bothy trip with a few old student friends. Its sketchy enough to airbrush out any tenuous bike links into this this cameo entry, but when you get a door to door lift in a Aston Martin DB9, all I can do is hold up my hands and say this wasn’t exactly part of the original (4269)

Although I am counting the pennies, most of my friends have muddled through pretty successfully and a couple are seriously in the money. And when Ant confirmed that he and Paul were coming along, I knew that the lap of luxury would be gently eased into my otherwise back to basics plan. So a potentially austere wilderness weekend morphed into the most luxurious bothy trip imaginable: the booking of the Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club Hut in Glen Licht to save us from interacting with the hoi polloi, a hired Landrover Discovery to save us from a walk in, and enough booze and coal to iron out the lack of hot tub and sauna. And of course sirloin for dinner and a fine selection of cheeses to adorn the oatcakes. We even took in three guitars and an accordion. I don’t quite know how I’m going to readjust back into my monastic routines when I next venture out.

photo (4274)

boys own action

photo (4279)

delving into the Pogues back catalogue…

Pan (4298)

excursion to Camban bothy which is much improved since I was first there twenty five years ago

Pan (4305)

view of the bothy from the ridge on Ben Fhada

photo (4310)

the crew taking a break