back and beyond

Disaster. After a steady period at the computer coal face before Christmas, I developed a niggly back problem that my physio put down to freaking typing, and general bad posture. Plus the years of not properly stretching. Well probably not stretching at all when I came to think about it. So I’ve now got into a religious regime of exercises and pilates, and I am a changed man. At least for now. Who knew there was a neutral spine position, and not only that, given time it becomes perfectly natural to just stand up straight. Who knew I would be able to touch my toes again. Who knew I’d be talking in the pub about mindfulness and core strength. Certainly not me. Its been quite a revelation. Mainly about the level of my general bodily ignorance and denial, but a new panacea has certainly opened up, and at the moment I have fully embraced it. Well ok lets not go over the top, but I’m sure its the way forward. No more Mr Slouch.

Anyway, although the back is still not quite right, I was finally out in the hills this week, after what has been a frustrating couple of months. Don’t yet trust myself on the bike, and given the choice happy to slide out of carrying the rucksack, but god it was good to get out of the city. The destination? Allt Scheicheachan bothy, underneath Beinn Dearg, in what is now the very southern part of the Cairngorm National Park. Considering how easy it is to get to its just enough out of the way keep away the crowds, and is in reassuringly good nick.

photo (4322)

envisaged a snow plod but unfortunately its all been spirited away

Pan (4328)

bit optimistic to contemplate having lunch outside

photo (4323) email

unintented product placement for twiglets…..


5 thoughts on “back and beyond

  1. mountaincoward

    I always slouch and always have – but it hasn’t bothered me yet so I’ll cross my fingers it never does. But I have noticed a very bad fault amongst people using keyboards (I’m a ‘trained typist’ so know about these things 😉 ) – most people have their keyboard half way across their desk. It should be about 2 inches from the nearest edge of your desk for your arms to be in the correct position otherwise your arms are ‘unsupported’ all day as they are stretched out – that might put a strain on your back. That might help…

    1. bothiesonabike Post author

      Thanks for the tip, I have raised the level of the screen and got a better chair, but sounds like another possible improvement…fortunately I’ve stopped doing so much typing lately, so that certainly helps as well…

      1. mountaincoward

        definitely raise the level of the screen – I got a terrible shoulder and neck ache when mine was too low. Took 2 or 3 lots of massage to sort out…

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