‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with… a google search’ 

Over the years I’ve had numerous idle pub conversations about how satisfying it would be to visit all the MBA bothies in Scotland. Then, on one particularly significant hazy evening at the back end of 2011, an inspired drinking buddy suggested writing a book about my pet subject. It didn’t take more than a precursory search online to realise there was a possibility of writing a seminal reference text, and my pulse quickened as I begun to think about how mad it would be if I could actually get all the information together. The first obvious stumbling block was that I had no access to a car, so I made a rather rash assessment that the whole project could be undertaken by bike and public transport, and thus bothiesonabike was born.

Geoff Allan

Do get in touch about anything bothy related, I’m always happy to help


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3 thoughts on “About

  1. mappitmaps

    Beautiful bothy photographs! I did an mountain bike tour of the Highlands and Islands MBA bothies in one journey in 2012 and it was extremely tough but worth it. Every new place I went I was amazed at how varied Scotland is and how little of my own country I had seen. I wish I’d taken more photots! All be best with the rest of your quest.

    1. bothiesonabike Post author

      Thanks so much for the thumbs up…your trip sounds pretty damn impressive, I don’t think I could do anything approaching a long stint in the hills, I need my home comforts too much after a while! Fortunately I was primed by a couple of people to start taking photos of my recent adventures…I have so many gaps in trips I took in my twenties and thirties…


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