Bikeable Bothies

I’ve had a few enquiries about bothies you can cycle to, so I’ve compiled a complete listing with reference to the book. Bikepacking kit obviously gives more freedom, but all these are accessible with a basic hybrid model on a day trip with a little pushing where necessary!  Eight of the best are included in this article, Bothies by Bike – Eight of the Best but there plenty more to whet your appetite…


Northern Highlands

Glendhu, Kearvaig,

Knockdamph, Leckie, Lochivraon (pebble beach sections slow you down)

Loch Strathy, Shenavall

Suileag, The School House, 

Coiremor – tough with to river crossings to contend with

NW Highlands

Ben Dronaig Lodge, Camban, Craig

Coire Fionnaraich, The Teahouse

W Highlands

Gleann Dubh-lighe (Steep to start)

A’Chuill and Glenpean (both with a push at the end)

Invermallie – Caledonian Cycle route

Central Highlands

Blackburn and Melgarve over the Corrieyarick Pass

Glen Buck, Lairig Leacach and Luib Chonnal with a push

Eastern Highlands

Allt Scheicheachan, Bob Scotts

Callater Stables, Faindouran, 

Gelder Shiel Stables

Glas Allt Shiel, House of Charr

Ruigh Aiteachain, Ryvoan

Corrour and Hutchison Memorial Hut a bit epic without good kit

SW Highlands

Cadderlie, Carron

Glen Duror (Sustrans 73)

Gorton, Leacraithnaich

Mark Cottage, Rowchoish (easy stretch of the West Highland Way)

Doune Byre (tough, rocky section of the West Highland Way)

Southern Scotland

Backhill of Bush, Brattleburn

Burleywhag, Clennoch

Dryfehead, Gameshope

Greensykes, Kettleton Byre

Over Phawhope, Tunskeen

White Laggan (Sustrans 7), Wills


Burnmouth Cottage on Hoy

Tomsleibhe on Mull

New Camasunary (on the Skye Trail from Sligachan)