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back to where it all began

Finishing fever seems to have got the better of me, so despite pulling out two big trips on the spin, I was off again over the weekend, overnighting at White Laggan. This makes it a grand total of 78 current Scottish MBA’s out of 79, so all done bar one. Before I made my return to Barrhill and the train home to Edinburgh, I looked in on Back Hill of Bush, which seemed very fitting as its pretty much 50 years to the day that the MBA was brought into being within its haloed confines. Shame its been bashed about recently, but I think the Forestry Commission has committed to straightening it out again.

off we go again…start of the off road section of the Sustrans National Cycle Route 7 from Loch Trool to Gatehope of Fleet

arriving at White Laggan

first priority a mug of tea

second priority getting the stove lit

dawn in the kitchen window

view down the valley to Loch Dee and beyond

more tea

the bothy stove

Back Hill of Bush

didn’t quite know what I was expecting inside, especially after the reports I’d read of the bothies mishandling

not too bad which was a relief, though certainly quite a lot of rubbish piled up in the porch

view over to Craignaw and Dungeon Hill

view back towards Loch Dee

view towards Loch Dee and Curleywee on the cycle back…

route there and back…